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27 March, 08:22
First Citizens USA bought Silicon Valley Bank
First Citizens BancShares Inc. decided to buy the troubled Silicon Valley Bank, which was recently taken under control by US regulators, EXE News reported.
North Carolina-based First Citizens BancShares will assume all of Silicon Valley Bank's deposits and loans, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) announced. Under the purchase agreement, First Citizens will buy Silicon Valley Bank's assets, which would otherwise be worth $72 billion, for $16.5 billion. Silicon Valley Bank's securities and other assets remain in the custody of the FDIC.
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22 March, 07:48
Not the least 🇪🇺 will be watching carefully what comes out of the Xi Jinping 🇨🇳 days in Moscow 🇷🇺. Will he try to change the Putin policy or will he give it also material support of different sorts? His choice impact heavily also on future 🇪🇺🇨🇳 relations.
Putin: We are in favor of using the Chinese yuan for settlements between Russia & countries of Asia, Africa & Latin America
Already, two-thirds of trade between our countries is done in rubles & yuan.
This is big for China. Yuan is new reserve currency #Putin #VladimirPutin #Chinese #China #Moscow #XiJinping #Xi
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04 March, 09:35
Sergei Lavrov: Moskva on ohver, mitte agressor
Vene välisminister Sergei Lavrov naerdi India G20 tippkohtumisel lihtsalt välja. Kremli diplomaat Sergei Lavrov rääkis eile New Delhis, kuidas Venemaa ei kavatse lubada läänel enam ühtegi torujuhet õhkida. „Kas kedagi on nendel aastatel huvitanud see, mis toimub Iraagis, mis toimub Afganistanis?“ küsis ta. Rahvas vastas sellele tunnustava aplausiga. „Kas usute, et USA-l on õigus kuulutada ohuks oma rahvuslikele huvidele ükskõik milline paik maa peal, nagu nad tegid Jugoslaavias, Iraagis, Liibüas, Süürias?“ küsisLavrov. #SergeiLavrov #VladimirPuti
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04 March, 08:50
Speaking in India, whose government has been sympathetic to Putin’s claims on Ukraine and helped Moscow mitigate the effect of western sanctions.
Lavrov says “The war we are trying to stop was launched against us.” - VovTube #Vovtube #YouTube #Telegram #Twitter #Яндекс #Видео #SergeyLavrov #Sergey #Lavrov #India #G20 #NewDelhi #New #Delhi
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02 March, 09:54 (E)
USA And German Armored Vehicles Enter Ukrainian Border
Germany supply Ukraine with around 80 Marder infantry fighting vehicles within weeks as part of a new phase of support coordinated with the US, a government spokesman said on Friday. U.S. President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced on Thursday that both their countries will send powerfully armed infantry fighting vehicles to help Ukraine repel Russia's invasion. The United States will supply Bradleys -- which usually come armed with 25 mm autocannon, a 7.62 mm machine-gun and anti-tank missiles -- while Germany will sen
80 US And German Armored Vehicles Enter Ukrainian Border - YouTube

80 US And German Armored Vehicles Enter Ukrainian BorderGermany supply Ukraine with around 80 Marder infantry fighting vehicles within weeks as part of a new...

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01 March, 09:25

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