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03 April, 03:39
Annika Kask @AnnikaKasK
22 March, 12:28
SUPER UUDIS: Donald Trump kandideerib 2024 aastal uuesti USA presidendiks #Super #Uudis #DonaldTrump #Trump
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21 March, 06:47 (E)
Donald Trump: I will be arrested today
Former US President Donald Trump announced that he will likely be taken into custody on Tuesday in connection with an investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Trump, who incited the people to attack the Capitol, also now called on people to demonstrate for him. A spokeswoman for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office declined to comment on Trump's statement. #DonaldTrump #Trump #TRUMP2024 #US #USA #President #Manhattan #TheTruth #Truth #Twitter
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05 March, 09:50
Donald Trump: I will end the Ukrainian-Russian war in one day!
"I'm the only one who can make that promise," Trump boasted. “I can prevent World War III very easily, very easily. And World War III is coming, FYI, we're going to have World War III if something doesn't happen very soon." Trump said it would only take him a day. "Before
I even get to the Oval Office [the president's official office], I'm going to resolve the devastating war between Russia and Ukraine, It will take a day at most.” #DonaldTrump #Donald #Trump #TRUMP2024 #Ukraine️ #UkraineRussiaWar #RussianArmy #Russia

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